Fillers & Injectables FAQs

By: Morgan Allen, BSN, RN


Will Fillers Make Your Face Look Fat?

While fillers administered by inexperienced providers carry a risk of producing unsatisfactory

results, fillers performed by professionals (such as the team at The Med Spa Of North Texas)

produce much more predictable and desirable results. With the right treatment, your fillers can

produce natural-looking volume that enhance the contours of your face and rejuvenate your


Do Fillers Make Your Skin Sag?

When properly performed, dermal fillers should actually reduce sagging skin, not create it! Upon

injection, dermal fillers and a smooth volume to the skin that can fill in lines and wrinkles to

produce a youthful, voluminous appearance.

What Should You Avoid After Getting Fillers or Injectables?

Dermal fillers and injectables offer little to no downtime, meaning that patients are able to return

to work and other activities almost immediately after treatment. However, there are still a few

things you should avoid. These include alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine and smoking, which can all

restrict the body’s healing process and might even magnify your side effects.

What Age Should You Get Fillers?

There are many different dermal filler and injectable treatment options available, which means

that there are suitable treatments for patients of nearly any age. You don’t necessarily need

fillers until your skin begins to lose volume, so that means you might consider these treatments

in your 30s at the earliest. However, patients looking to enhance lip volume or other facial

contours can benefit from fillers as early as in their 20s.

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